Paragliding tandem Flights

Tandem or Tandem Flight is one of the most fun, easy and secure activities we offer. It is suitable for all audiences and does not require any prior knowledge.

In this modality, you will fly with an instructor who is responsible for handling the paraglider. You will ride comfortably seated at the front with your hands free to film or take photographs. Your only job during the flight will be to enjoy this unforgettable experience and the stunning views.

We offer tandem rides at the known flight areas: The Costa Verde in Miraflores, Lurin and Pachacamac. Each flight zone has distinct geographical features and weather, so flying is a special experience in each of these locations.

Tandem flights at the Costa Verde

The ride lasts 10 minutes above the beaches of Miraflores. We fly over the most visited places in Miraflores, such as Larcomar and Parque del Amor, reaching heights of 250 meters above sea level. This type of flight is characterized by being very calm, steady, relaxed and simple, so it can be enjoyed, by people of all ages and physical condition.

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Tandem flights in Pachacamac

The flight lasts 20 minute above the mountains of Pachacamac. We can reach heights of 600 and 800 meters above the surface and travel several miles over immense mountains, using strong ascending air currents. This type of flight is characterized by active, exciting and intense sensations, ideal for adventure seekers.

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