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Paragliding exclusive INFINITY brands

We are exclusive dealers of the most prestigious brands in the world of paragliding. Due to the wide variety of products, our students can purchase the equipment that best suits their needs at the best price.

MACPARA: Recognized brand from Czech Republic, manufactures a wide range of paragliders, harnesses and accessories. This brand is known for their excellent design of competition gliders. Also the materials used guarantee the durability of their products.


INDEPENDENCE: German paraglider brand. Besides having a diverse collection of paragliding equipment, this is a brand that constantly releases new products and innovative models.

SKY PARAGLIDERS: Brand from the Czech Republic that specializes in designing and producing lightweight and portable paragliding equipment. Their paragliders and harnesses are characterized by being the lightest on the market.

APCO: Israeli pioneer manufacturer. This brand is characterized mainly by the use of the strongest materials; therefore their paragliders and accessories last longer than the other brands.

SUNGLIDERS: Korean paragliding brand that makes paragliding harnesses and also many additional accessories that are very resistant. Even more they offer a very competitive price and quick delivery.

SKYLINE: German brand that specialized in harnesses and paragliding accessories as well as hang gliding accessories. Their products are recognized for their quality, finish and durability.

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