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Paragliding tandem flight in Miraflores pictures

Taking off with the a passenger in Miraflores

Paragliding Miraflores tandem

During the take off the passenger does not have to do anything special, just follow the simple instructions that will give the instructor. Very often, passengers can sit down in the harness before reaching the edge of the cliff. The instructor will do everything to take off.

Tandem flight over Miraflores

Paragliding Larcomar

During the tandem flight we fly over the Love Park, the Lighthouse, Larcomar and more other tourist areas of Miraflores. The flight lasts 10 minutes.

Landing with a passenger in Miraflores

paragliding tandem Lima

At the end of the flight, we land at the same spot where we took off at the Raimondi Park of Miraflores. The landing is very easy and smooth and the passenger does not have to do anything special, because he touches the ground after the pilot land the glider.


Tandem flights in Pachacamac pictures

Taking off with the a passenger in Pachacamac

Paragliding Pachacamac


Paraglider Pachacamac

We take off at the Punta Blanca mountain in Pachacamac, it is located 5 km from the town of Pachacamac. The take off is 400 meters over the sea level, having more than 200 vertical meters over the landing place. Taking off takes a few seconds and the passenger just have to the simple indication of the pilot.

Tandem flight over Miraflores

paragliding Lurin

tandem paragliding Pachacamac

The tandem flight in Pachacamac is done over mountains that have 600 meters high. We use the wind and thermals (rising currents of warm air) to go up. Once we reach a good height, we fly over the valley and farms that are located in the landing zone. During the flight, we have the sight of the mountains, the Valley of Lurin and the ocean.

Landing with a passenger in Miraflores

Paragliding tour pachacamac

After the flight, we land in a huge spot located a few kilometer from the mountain where we took off. The landing is very simple and the passenger only need to make some little steps to land.


Paragliding one day course pictures

Paragliding students climbing the sand dune where we fly

paragliding Lurin course

paragliding one day course

The one day course is made in Lurin, over 25 meters high sand dunes. Students have to climb this dune to make their first flights. When they reach the top of the hill, the instructor gives a short briefing about the handling of the glider and then students are prepared for take off.

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