Paragliding complete course

In the full course, learn to fly a paraglider on your own in all types of flight: on dunes, cliffs and mountains, practicing in different flight areas in Lima, such as Cucuya, Pachacamac, Pasamayo and the Costa Verde.

The full course consists of 9 theoretical and 3 practical classes. Of the practical classes, 3 are held in the dunes, 3 in Pachacamac or Pasamayo and 3 classes of paraglider control over the ground.

The first day of class is done in Cucuya, sand dunes located in Lurin, where you will learn the basic techniques of paragliding. In the two following classes at the dunes you will perfect the basics of flight. Additionally, you can hire the service of ATV rides up the dunes to avoid having to climb the dunes with the equipment on your back. You will perform 5 flights for each class on the dunes.

Curso completo de parapente en las dunas

In the 3 following classes, which take place in Pachacamac or Pasamayo, you will make your first high altitude flight . Each flight in these areas lasts more than 10 minutes taking off from over 200 meters high. The goal is to learn how to use the updrafts of wind, takeoffs and you landing by yourself. You will perform 2 high altitude flights for each class.

Curso parapente en Pachacamac

In the last class you will learn to control the paraglider on land, in order to be capable to control the paraglider perfectly before takeoff. For this, in each class you will practice inflating the paraglider and takeoff several times. These classes will be performed in the Miraflores Parapuerto or in the dunes of Lurin.

parapente handling

In the theoretical classes, we will teach you basic aerodynamics applied for paragliding, weather, emergency situations, landing basic maneuvers as well as air traffic.

After completing the course you will be eligible to receive a Student Pilot license granted by the APVL. The APVL is internationally recognized by the FAI, making your license valid throughout the country and abroad. We handle the licensing paperwork.

After finishing the course, if you do not own your own equipment you can rent it from us at a preferential rate, and if you don’t have transportation you can go on our vehicle sharing the transport costs .

As students graduate from the complete course they are invited to join us with the new students and will also be monitored for free. In this manner, we guarantee that you will be 100% trained to fly a paraglider in a safe and fun way.

Full Course fee

Normal price: S /. 1690
Ask about our discounts for groups and students.

The Course includes

  • Shuttle to and from the flight zones
  • ATV transportation
  • 9 practical classes
  • 3 lectures
  • Use of paragliding equipment: Paraglider, harness, helmet, VHF radio and accessories
  • Logbook
  • Paperwork for the APVL Student Pilot license
  • T-shirt


You can make a reservation at our email: or call us at 9934-29294 .You must indicate the date on which you wish to do the course, your phone number and your address if you wish to be picked up.


You can pay the full course fee in parts of S /. 200, at the end of every class until you finish paying the full cost of the course.

Other advance courses

Once you have completed your full course and have obtained your APVL pilot license, you could take our advanced courses for Basic Tandem licensure (to carry passengers) and monitor license (to give flight lessons).