Paragliding Courses

If you wish to learn how to fly a paraglider, a course is your best choice. We offer two types of courses: The one day course, aimed at people who only have one day to learn the basics needed to fly and the full course, aimed at people who want to become paraglider pilots.

Paragliding one day course

In the course of a day, you can fly a paraglider on your own in a safe and easy manner: You will conduct several flights on your own, you will learn the basic theory of paragliding and you will be ready to continue a full course if you wish.

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Paragliding full course

In the full course, you will learn to fly a paraglider on your own in all types of flying: You will fly over sand dunes, cliffs and mountains, in different flight areas of Lima, such as Cucuya, Pachacamac, Pasamayo and the Costa Verde.

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