Infinity: Paragliding school in Peru

INFINITY its a company formed by paragliding pilots with over 16 years of experience, licensed by the Free Flight Peruvian Association (APVL). We offer paragliding courses, tandem flights with passengers, sale and rental of paragliding equipment as well as aerial advertising in Lima, Peru.

At Infinity we believe that flying is the most exciting, intense and rewarding experience in life. Our passion for paragliding is what motivates us every day to continue growing and improving as pilots and as a company. We also seek to share our experience with all those people who feel inside, that great desire to fly.

We are a paragliding school fully committed to safety. We have the most modern flight equipment: new paragliders, harnesses with lumbar protection, reserve parachutes. In addition, our instructors have extensive experience in teaching paragliding while having the required licenses.

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